Patient Participation Group

The Patient Participation Group are a group of patients who have expressed an interest in knowing how the surgery operates and wish to make an input. All patients are eligible to become a member and attend meetings.

Patient Participation Group meetings are held every twelve weeks at the surgery, usually on a Friday commencing at 12:00. To ensure the smooth running of the meetings, members agree on a chairperson, secretary and treasurer and adhere to an agenda. To provide professional advice a Practice GP and the Practice Manager are in attendance.

The Patient Participation Group Mission Statement

  • To be the voice of the patients.
  • To help them understand practice decisions.
  • To assist the doctors with any necessary changes they need to make.
  • Aim to achieve patient satisfaction
  • Activities undertaken by the Patient Participation Group

In addition to discussion relating to the mission statement the patient participation group will advise on recent changes in the surgery. We now have a social prescriber who has joined our team, have become a member of OHP federation, and have extended hours. We have a Support for Carers information corner with leaflets in the waiting room.

Contact the Patient Participation Group

Details of the Patient Participation Group, including notes of their meetings are displayed on notice boards in the surgery waiting rooms.

Patients who have any suggestions affecting their involvement with the practice can register on our online forum below and join our online patient participation group. This is especially useful as we appreciate patient’s ideas and suggestions and know that it is difficult to find the time to attend our meetings.

To register for the patient participation group please use our online form.

For more information on our PPG please view our forum (please do not post any confidential information, as this is a public website)